Design: Taylar Wong
Zoopla Design Team (Will Southward,
Gabriel Weichert , Georgia Weisz)
Zag Brand Consultancy
Motion: Oded Shein, 
Inessa Tsuilmova, Ben Mensah
Zoopla's internal design team was working alongside brand consultancy Zag as part of their rebrand. Myself, along with a motion designer worked closely with the client team to create the social portion of the guidelines, ensuring that the new branding works cohesively across social channels. We worked to create new rules and guidance where needed, and pushing the new branding to ensure it would thrive in a social space. 
This included a social design audit, creating a social grid system with UI safe zones, custom logo usage rules, custom illustration and typography guidelines and a vast set of creative templates. We worked alongside Zoopla for 7 months, ensuring our guidelines had been tried and tested, and written up in a clear and concise way that was understandable for designers and non-designers alike. This was then all translated over to Frontify where the final brand guidelines live. 
Alongside the social guidelines we also then ran hundreds of assets for Zoopla's peak campaigns which saw the launch of the new guidelines in full force. 

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