Art Direction - Taylar Wong
Motion - Taylar Wong
3D Assistance - Thomas Groves
3D Concepting - Taylar Wong
Kair is a high end luxury laundry detergent. Being a new player on the market, they asked for a campaign which would play to their luxury branding, but be eye-catching and intriguing enough to capture a new audience. 
Being a new company, they had limited assets available and a small budget, leaving us unable to shoot anything in real life. Working with this in mind, these assets began as an R&D project, where I looked at recreating IRL product shoots in a virtual 3D environment. I felt this not only was useful due to the new covid/post-covid world we find ourselves in, where shoot options can be limited, but also allows more freedom than traditional shoots.
With my tests completed, I then concepted some 3D visuals which allowed us to work quickly and with a small budget, but keep the high-end feel. I worked to ensure these paired with Kair's existing assets to ensure we had a cohesive campaign. 

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