Agency: Anomaly LON / LA
OOH design & Layout: Taylar Wong
Art-working: Unreasonable 

I worked with the folks at Anomaly to create OOH graphics for Meta Quests Christmas 2022 campaign. Utilising the themes from their larger TVC campaign, I worked with them to design and layout their core OOH sites across the UK which included IMAX Waterloo, Piccadilly Lights, Oxford Circus tunnels and bus wraps across the London, Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham. 
This process started from scamps, fed into the larger campaign shoot for additional OOH specific shots, design and layout and then oversight of art-working to get them to their end stage. Digital display banners were also created alongside this to ensure campaign visibility was far-reaching, even for those who were not in the core OOH cities. 
You can view the TVC ad campaign at the bottom of this page to give further context to the campaign. The campaign itself showcases how the Meta Quest 2 headset can transport you to other worlds, enabling you to experience the 'extraordinary'. The perfect gift for Christmas.
IMAX Waterloo OOH
Oxford Circus Tunnels OOH
Bus Wraps

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