Graphic Design: Taylar Wong
Art Direction: Taylar Wong
Motion Design: Taylar wong
Website Build: We Are Tonic
Client: Rise Unlimited
I was approached by a new creative recruitment start up 'Rise Unlimited' to create a new look and feel for their brand. They wanted a visual identity which stood out from other creative recruitment firms (that often looked dated and corporate) and really appealed and spoke to creative minded people.
I worked with Rise to understand their initial vision for the visual direction, and I was lucky enough to be given a lot of creative freedom to interpret their brand in the way I best saw fit. I created mood boards for various different visual approaches we could take, all building on the concept of 'rising', 'journeys', and 'growth', but in a way which was still very functional and easy to navigate, ensuring things like the main website were fit for purpose. 
From the mood-boarding stage,  we then moved onto development, building out visuals for the brand and tweaking as we saw fit. This moved into website wire-framing and the creation of brand guidelines and social asset templates ready for the company launch. ​​​​​​​

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