Art Direction: Taylar Wong & James Spink
Design: Taylar Wong
The brief for this project was the create a new look and feel for COLLUSIONs organic Instagram. 
COLLUSION had been using e-comm shots that were shot on pink, blue and yellow backgrounds, but didn’t think they were quite on-brand. As part of this refresh, I tackled the e-comm shots, adding different elements like stretched type, texture, borders and 3d elements to make them feel more gritty and fresh. 
Other content, such as UGC and press features often looked quite different, and so I wanted to find ways of making these feel as though they all still lived within the same world. I treated these similarly, adding things like distortion and text to add interest, but ensured the clothes were left intact, as it was important that the clothes were always at the forefront of the imagery. 

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